Mold can appear wherever there is moisture, including wooden and carpet surfaces, even food. The best way to avoid mold is to prevent it in the first place by fixing water leaks and reducing moisture with proper ventilation. Health problems that have a connection with mold include allergic reactions, which are common. People with asthma are at greater risk of suffering negative health effects from mold.

Our Mold Removal Process

STEP 1: Testing

Axiom mold remdiation technicians arrive at your property and do a thorough analysis of the affected areas. We then find the source of the issue and test which type of mold you are dealing with.

STEP 2: Remediation

Our mold removal team will use the right prouducts and procedures to kill mold spores at the source. We then will provide you with advice on how to help keep mold away and where the issue originated.

STEP 3: Clean-Up

Our team will ensure we clean up any mess left behind from the cleanup. We also will ensure that your property is left spotless, as if the mold and our team were never there!

Common Places To Find Mold

Basements: Flooding, leaks, condensation, poor ventilation…

Kitchens: Cooking, washing, inefficient exhaust fans…

Bathrooms: Showering, steam, leaks, inefficient exhaust fans…
Attics: Poor ventilation, insufficient air circulation, roof damage…
Crawlspaces: Leaks, moisture intrusion, poor ventilation…
Laundry rooms: Washing, inefficient exhaust fans…

Why Mold Happens

While it’s great to know where mold most often grows, it’s better to understand why in order to prevent it. Let’s dive deeper and explore the reasons why the basement, for instance, is a problem area.

There are four main reasons why mold so often grows in the basement:

  • Basements are prone to flooding.
  • Basements are not as well ventilated as the upper floors of a house and are, therefore, more humid.
  • Basement walls are cooler, allowing warm air to condense on them in the summer.
  • Basement floors rarely have a moisture barrier or proper insulation. With neither a moisture barrier nor proper insulation installed, the moisture from the underlying soil migrates upward.

Why Mold is Dangerous

For most people, indoor mold will not cause significant health problems. However, allergic reactions to mold are common. Much like pollen allergies or hay fever, symptoms include sneezing, red eyes, and rashes. People with asthma are at risk of having an asthma attack when mold is present. More severe health problems like difficulty breathing and fever can happen to people who are exposed to large quantities of mold, such as construction workers.


Removing mould is important, doing it properly is even more critical. Axiom has been trusted with the removal of hazardous mould from hundreds of homes and buildings because of our commitment to safe and efficient mould remediation. Our technicians follow proper guidelines and procedures set by the government when performing any mould remdiation. We follow all guidelines set by the government to ensure your building is a safe, mould free place!

One Shop

We are your one-stop-shop for everything from initial testing to the final disposal. We take the headache out of coordinating the entire project.

Detailed Reporting

After our initial tests, Axiom provides you with a detailed report of what type of mould you have and  and the approximate cost to have it removed.

No Hidden Costs

Our team provides you an accurate quote EVERY TIME. We ensure the amount your expect to pay at the beginning of the project is the same amount you pay at the end. No gimmicks!

Easy Billing

No more split bills between companies, no more multiple phone calls. We provide you with a single invoice upon completion.

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