Asbestos can be a very dangerous substance. It was used very widely across North America as a fire-resistant material in building houses, as well as insulation. However, by the 1980s asbestos became banned from use due to its carcinogenic effects – it was proven to contribute to cancer in the lungs and throat if inhaled for a long period of time.

Our Abatement Process

STEP 1: Testing

Axiom Asbestos Testing technicians arrive at your property and do a thorough analysis of all possible asbestos-containing materials and provide a detailed report with an accurate estimate.

STEP 2: Abatement

Our Asbestos abatement team will remove all asbestos-containing materials we found in a safe and effective way. We ensure no trace substances are left behind.

STEP 3: Disposal

We take care of disposing of the hazardous materials and follow all environmental and provincial regulations for disposal. This way we can ensure no one elses health is compromised either.

Common Places To Find Asbestos

Old floor and  ceiling tiles

Roof shingles and siding

Insulation (around boilers, ducts, pipes, sheeting, fireplaces)
Pipe cement and joint compound
Common places to find Asbestos in a house


Asbestos becomes a hazard when it is released into the air. If asbestos in the home becomes damaged or moved, asbestos fibers may be released. For example, when asbestos around a boiler or furnace breaks down, it releases dust. Ceilings with asbestos may release fibers when they are drilled into to install something or during renovations.

Many houses were made with asbestos as insulation and simply have not had the opportunity to be fixed.  If your house was built in the 20thcentury, before or around the 1980s, there is a good chance your home may have asbestos.  Some newer houses may also contain asbestos.

If you do discover asbestos in your home, do not touch or disturb it! Asbestos fibers released into the air are directly linked to carcinogenic effects on the human body.  Instead, call our professional asbestos removal team to help clear your home of the toxic substance.  We’ll work with your insurance company to handle your claim and make the process as stress-free as possible for you.

Asbestos materials in home


Removing asbestos is important, doing it properly is even more critical. Axiom has been trusted with the removal of asbestos from hundreds of homes and buildings because of our commitment to safe, efficient, and proper removal and disposal of asbestos materials.

Our technicians follow proper guidelines and procedures set by the government when performing any asbestos abatement. At the beginning and throughout the removal process, We spray the asbestos materials with a binding agent so that the asbestos fibers are unable to become airborne. The material is then removed, placed into poly bags or rigid containers. Air scrubbing machines with HEPA filtration systems operate throughout the entire process, all while being monitored by an accredited third party consultant.

One Shop

We are your one-stop-shop for everything from initial testing to the final disposal. We take the headache out of coordinating the entire project.

Detailed Reporting

After our initial tests, Axiom provides you with a detailed report of what contains asbestos and pairs it with an estimate of the abatement cost.

No Hidden Costs

Our team provides you an accurate quote EVERY TIME. We ensure the amount your excpect to pay at the beginning of the project is the same amount you pay at the end. No gimmicks!

Easy Billing

No more split bills between companies, no more multiple phone calls. We provide you with a single invoice upon completion.

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