Asbestos Abatement

Let us take care of the worry for you. We know the hazards involved and how to remediate them, with our fair pricing system, the biggest fear of the asbestos abatement will not be the price. All estimates are free.


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Environmental Policy

  Axiom Environmental Solutions Is dedicated to the protection of the environment as the cornerstone of our business and corporate culture. We are committed to being leaders in minimizing the impact of our activities on the environment and supporting the environmental protection initiatives of our clients. The environmental policy followed by Backlash Abatement includes the following objectives:

·        To ensure that Axiom Environmental Solutions operates in full compliance with environmental legislation that relates to our company;

·        To continually promote environmental awareness, responsibility, and best practices and to support the environmental sustainability culture of our company through education and in-house activities to reduce our environmental footprint;

·        To support environmental protection through the use of materials and methods that minimize environmental risk, to reduce waste according to the principles of reduce, reuse, and recycle and to handle and dispose of waste in an environmentally safe and responsible manner;

·        To make business decisions that support our environmental policy

·        To support environmental initiatives of our clients and encourage the implementation of environmentally sustainable practices;

·        To apply our environmental skills toward the betterment of environmental quality on a global scale including fund-raising and not-for-profit support of selected environmental initiatives in Canada and abroad;

·        To conduct reviews of our environmental policy and performance, and to continually improve our performance through the application of new approaches and technologies to reduce our environmental footprint and enhance environmental sustainability objectives.


Environmental Statement

 The need for environmental protection forms an integral part of Axiom Environmental Solution’s business philosophy. The fact that our activities, or those of our employees, may have an effect on the environment is of great consequence to us. We therefore endeavor to operate in harmony with the environment, with particular emphasis on the following areas:


To carry out our service using environmentally friendly materials and equipment, which are energy efficient and produce minimal harmful when disposed of.

 Waste and Recycling:

To minimize the waste produced through the business activated and look for innovate ways to recycle waste material.


To reduce the demand on energy resources from our activities

 Transport and Distribution:

To utilize, where applicable, efficient distribution and transport systems for goods and personnel.


To provide all the information necessary to enable products to be properly used, stored and disposed of so as to avoid damage to the environment.

 Employment and Training:

To ensure that all employees are in a position to improve environmental performance by providing appropriate information, training and consultation procedures